I Do IDO, do you?


IDO is the Image Data Organizer that saves you time and simplifies your clinical photo storage.


IDO from Lifetrend helps guide you to perfect pictures and videos to improve your diagnosis and treatment planning. The onboard gyroscope orients the iPad in space, and in concert with the IDO overlay templates, standardizes all of your clinical photos.

Photos and videos are stored in the local IDO Patient Gallery and are available for immediate calibration, measurement, and analysis. When synced to the Lifetrend HIPAA-compliant IDO Cloud, patients' photos are available for secure review by everyone on the treatment team – including the patient.

If you are DSLR expert, IDO has you covered with a direct wireless connection to iPad IDO if you have a Toshiba FlashAir SD card. You can also upload DSLR images from any SD card directly to a patient's record on the IDO Cloud. The DSLR images will appear in the patient's IDO Patient Gallery along with photos you capture with the iPad.


Effortless pairing of images to the patient's record

The IDO patient calendar acts as your photo concierge. Clicking on the appointment brings you to your patient's IDO profile. Snap guided pictures...and you're done. IDO also makes it possible to sync your DSLR camera over wi-fi in real time to the patient's record.



Speak up. IDO hears you.


IDO makes treatment notes easy. The system automatically records the transcription to the patient's treatment history. Whether you dictate or type your notes, they can be emailed to your colleagues on the treatment team.

This is just the beginning.

Our iPad IDO establishes the IDO-to-cloud system, which will be followed with iPhone IDO.  When installed on an iPhone X, you'll have optical zoom and onboard flash – making it perfect for intraoral photos.


Our product roadmap over the next months includes:

  • implant tracking history

  • ties to third-party calendaring systems

  • practice management integrations

  • patient access to their dental records

The iPad version is available now on the Apple App Store for the first 100 clinicians at $34.99.

It includes your first month of HIPAA-compliant IDO Cloud storage.

We're really excited to work with you to make IDO the new standard in dental care.


This version is written especially for the iPad Pro, which allows for our flash feature.
All iPads with iOS 11.0 or higher are supported but may lack this flash feature


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